Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our project tackles loneliness and social disadvantage. It aims to create face to face communities using the model of Street Parties. To do this we propose inviting all the households within each Postal Code area to a series of four tea parties a year where they can identify problems and be mutually supportive to their neighbours, . When we first piloted this idea over 15% of households in a single post code participated. The plan now is to reach out to a random 30 post code areas (with about 60 dwellings in each)
Our aims are to see how areas holding active parties in their locality compare with others in terms of improvement in Quality of Life - as measured by our Smiling Faces tool. see

We also hope to recruit Community organisers 1) to help with future parties 2) to attend our Community Working Group 3) Organise Neighbourhood Watch and teenagers for our new youth club. We will explore whether if this
A. reduces 1) Loneliness 2) Crime and 3) the use of Health and Social services
B improves Measures of Mental and Physical Health
Finally we will set up Post Code specific WhatsApp groups and Premier Post Code awards
and arrange some “stepping-stone” voluntary and paid employment for the disabled and disadvantaged.

Although Kingston is among the wealthiest parts of London our Council Estate is among the poorest in the UK and this project could have a major impact on mutual support in our population as they face the added stress of a proposed wholesale Regeneration.
The grant will
a) Help us to Design and Print more attractive invites and advertisements,
b) Pay for the preparation of the parties using piece workers who will come from our Tuesday Group for the Homeless and Mentally disadvantaged c) Pay for better Party Food and decorations etc.
d) Get proper analysis and write up - And be the key to success

About us
One Norbiton started life in the days of the “Big Society”, and in 2011, we got a grant from the DCLG and an invitation from the Cabinet and Kingston Council (RBK), to become one of ten national pilots exploring the value of localism by forming Localism groups similar to secular “Parish” Councils.
Our “Mission” Statement is
“To improve the democratic involvement, health and quality of life of those who live, work and study in Norbiton Ward and the surrounding areas.”

Our Kingston Volunteers started working together to develop active and supportive communities with the moral support of our statutory services and local businesses.
To legitimise ourselves we began by inviting every household in Norbiton to attend an Open meeting to to approve our Community Working group and ever since we have continued to hold regular open meetings to re-elect officers and approve our Community plans.
In 2012 we set up a Not-For- Profit Company to handle all our financial affairs. And established working groups based of the needs expressed in surveys of our members.
We had the crucial support of “CREst,” a community group set up by a previous HMG initiative that had already set up Fun Days and swings etc. for local kids.
Unfortunately interest melted away and soon we were one of the only Localism pilots left. But we kept our belief that Community creation could work and that it was really needed. So we set up a Community Hub where residents could get support and free Internet connection. It's now a venue where charities etc. meet clients informally, and we run a branch for a Credit Union and the Food Bank from it and next door a Community Pantry and it enables us to help CREst provide weekly hot meals for about 50 of our local homeless.
People should vote for this because it shows how simple hospitality can build real face to face communities in which Social media become a support rather than a substitute. Moreover this project can be easily replicated to benefit everyone.

One Norbiton

Moment of Pride

This project has evolved out of the experience and tenacity of our One Norbiton team to stick together to improve our community despite lack of funds and other support. We are now making an impact.

Location: Norbiton, Kingston upon Thames, UK