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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Bracknell Queen Bees Ice Hockey Club was founded in 1987 and have been a dominating force in British Women's Ice Hockey since. We currently have 3 teams competing in leagues in the UK, two women's team and a U16 girls team.
Our Top Womens team has won the highest national league for 7 years running and our U16 girls team are current national champions too.

The Queen Bees Ice Hockey Club are dedicated to nurturing talent, developing and supporting young players , allowing them to achieve their potential and help both women and girls be active and enjoy a great team environment. We have players from the age 6 to 50 and our top players represent Great Britain and England at world cup and Olympic tournaments.

Ice Hockey is a very expensive sport to play both in regards to ice time fees and also kit for players. We’re looking for funding to increase the available training sessions, reduce subs for all players and also remove the barriers to entry (kit etc.)

Bracknell Queen Bees Ice Hockey CLub

Moment of Pride

Bracknell Queen Bees IHC is a wonderful and inclusive club that allows many women and girls enjoy the fastest game on earth in a safe and enjoyable environment. The club is able to provide opportunities and a path to representing national team.

Location: Bracknell