Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Scarcroft School is situated just outside York’s city walls and has approximately 370 pupils aged 4-11. In recent times due to the expanding pupil numbers the car park has given way to a new, very bare playground.

The Friends of Scarcroft School (FOSS) are a group of parents who raise funds to support the school and enhance the learning experience of the children. In past years we have raised money through events and fundraising that have paid for school trips, first aid training, books, software and many other things.

What would we like?

We would like to give the pupils an opportunity to enhance their school surroundings, develop a sense of responsibility and learn new skills by creating a school garden in the new playground space. We would like money to spend on raised beds, composting and gardening equipment, bird boxes, bug habitats and outdoor storage. We have already approached local businesses for support who have said they will help with seeds, soil etc. and we have a band of willing volunteers enthused to run gardening and eco clubs during and after school time.

What would this mean to the school?

A great deal. The majority of children in the school catchment area do not have gardens or have limited access to areas they can grow things. We feel that the prospect of looking after a shared garden space will not only give the children a sense of ownership but also enhance the aesthetics of the school whilst providing an interactive learning experience. The children will have the opportunity to see hands-on how their efforts impact the environment around them, learn more about animal, bird and bug habitats, see how ecosystems work together and what they can do to positively contribute to sustainability. We feel that giving the children a space they can take pride in and directly see the fruits of their labour will contribute to a greater confidence in their abilities and pride in their achievements.

How do we plan on doing this?

We will work with the children and local community/environmental groups to design the space. We will then coordinate the parents, teachers, children and anyone else who wishes to get involved to turn the children’s ideas into reality. We intend to encourage the children to own the space once the initial design is completed and want them to work with the gardening/eco club leaders to continue to evolve the garden. We anticipate this will have a knock-on effect of encouraging more and more pupils to participate in the clubs, engage in the school gardening community and learn gardening, communication and teamwork skills.

Why support this project?

By voting for this initiative you will directly contribute to the development and well-being of the children of Scarcroft School. Not only will they have an area of the playground that truly reflects their hard work and ideas but a learning experience they would not have had access to otherwise.

Friends of Scarcroft School

Moment of Pride

The project we are proposing will make such a vast difference to the children, their well-being and sense of achievement. The pride they will feel once the garden takes shape will make me proud to have been able to make it happen.

Location: York