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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Guisborough Cheerleading Club is the community fundraising group of Puma Cheer and Dance. The Club is trying to raise funds to assist as many local children and young people as possible to achieve their full potential whilst having fun, keeping fit and also developing hobbies which will stay with them for life.
The emphasis is on fun, fun, fun but dancers also have the choice to compete. The club started off as just a cheer club but, over the years the club has grown and now offers ballet, tap, musical theatre, singing, cheer, pom dance, cheer dance, trampolining, tumbling and acro. Participants are between the ages of 2 an 75! Even the adults compete in national competitions.
The children have the opportunity to compete in local dance competitions as well as national competitions. In 2017, one team qualified for the National championships then went on to represent Team Uk in the European championships in Croatia. Such was the strength of their enthusiasm and the contagious buzz that these youngsters brought back to the club, this year 9 teams qualified for the National championships in Manchester, with 2 teams qualifying to represent Team Uk in The Netherlands! Not only has this been a fantastic experience for these normal East Cleveland youngsters, indeed one which they will never forget, both teams won bronze medals in their divisions. Two duets who were also entered had great success too, with the senior duet gaining silver medals and the younger duet winning gold - the best junior cheer dance duet in Europe hailing from Guisborough and Skelton!
As a Club, we want to give as many of these ordinary 'extra-ordinary' youngsters the chance to have the same as these 19 youngesters. This year, following qualification, these two teams had a coaching session with a world class coach who, we feel, had a part to play in their success. The 2018/19 season has just started and the Club wants to get specialist coaching in from the start, to give the teams the very best chance. The Club has been fundraising to fund world championship choreography and the Level 4 Cheer Team has regular sessions with coaches from USA (the home of Cheer) who have competed at World Championship level, and we hope to continue this throughout the season.
As has been well documented on the news, this area of Redcar and Cleveland has been badly hit by unemployment, with the closure of the steelworks and the decline in local industry. In order to have the very best chance to progress to the level which these youngsters deserve, we need to fundraise to help sudsidise the fees of those who cannot afford the very best coaching.
In times where childhood obesity is at an all time high, the activities offered by the club go along way to buck the trend in East Cleveland. Youngsters are developing lifelong fitness habits which contribute to a sense of wellbeing and enhance juvenile mental health.
Most of the youngsters who participated in the European Championships now volunteer as helpers in classes in the classes, with some working towards their coaching qualifications - as a way of life in this day and age, these Club members are wonderful ambassadors. With funding from Aviva, more and more children can have this life changing experience.

Guisborough Cheerleading Group

Moment of Pride

We are so proud of the opportunities that the Club gives children and youngsters in the area. These really are normal girls who have been given the chance to work hard and to do their very best. This isn't a club who has one great talent, it has teams who are encouraged to work as just that, teams.

Location: Skelton-in-Cleveland