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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Blaen-Y-Cwm County Primary School, Parent Focus Group, is located in Brynmawr. We are a small, newly formed group of five parents who work alongside the school and help out to improve the school, hold events, have some fun and raise money at the same time whilst involving not only the students, teachers and families but also the wider community. We are trying our best to make a difference to our local area.

Our school is situated in the severely deprived area of Blaenau Gwent, a place regularly described as being one of the most deprived areas in not just Wales, but the United Kingdom. As an indicator of the poverty many of our intake of learners suffer, our Free School Meals percentage currently sits well above the national average. It is at the heart of the town of Brynmawr and it has over 300 pupils.
We would be very grateful of some financial aid towards our ‘Don’t Stress it’s Just a Test’ mental health and well-being campaign which we are beginning to plan for now but it will be rolled out during May, June and July of 2019. We plan to get Year 6 pupils involved in designing a slogan and creating their own t-shirts to increase their confidence and camaraderie on the days in which national tests take place. Today’s tests mean that young children are under an increasing amount of pressure and they can be extremely daunted by them. We want to unite our children on the day, reassure them that it’s only a test and give them each a t-shirt which will help to make each and every pupil feel included. At the end of May we would like to issue the pupils undertaking the tests with their own t-shirt and motivational poem which will make them feel encouraged and at ease, this will be presented to them in the form of a scroll. On completion of the tests we plan to organise a special afternoon tea treat for them and a fun filled outdoor activity fun day filled with lots of team building and enjoyable outdoor activities for the children as a reward for getting through their tests. The fun day will be open to parents and siblings and we hope that as it develops it will take the form of a local community fete. The equipment we purchase for the fun day will be used time and time again to benefit the children of the school and the local community.

Blaen - Y - Cwm County Primary School Parent Focus Group

Moment of Pride

Many pupils derive from vulnerable backgrounds however their generosity shown at school charity fund raising events, their willingness to learn and their passion and thirst for knowledge is inspiring to all. Our school plays a vital role in providing inspiring and inclusive experiences for our most

Location: Brynmawr