Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The objective of St Michael's Primary School PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) is to raise funds for St Michael's CE VC School in Stoke Gifford, in order to provide enrichment opportunities for the pupils which could not otherwise be purchased by the school.

The PTFA is currently raising funds for a project to replace a large wooden outdoor play equipment within the school grounds. The existing wooden outdoor obstacle course was well-loved but is now old and deemed unusable. The current equipment has decaying timbers and missing sections. Our aim is to replace it with a brand-new wooden obstacle course able to provide the school pupils with another source of physical activity during break times.

The new equipment will support the children's physical fitness, well-being, and enhance their motor skills and core strength. The provision of fun, exercise and active recreation underpins the quality of life and promotes health and well-being and social inclusion. This facility will provide particular benefit to those children who may not otherwise have access or availability to alternative outdoor equipment.

Play is a crucial component in children’s lives and the new playground would have lasting positive effects on every aspect of their development. The new equipment is designed to accommodate children's different ages, social, physical, intellectual, creative and educational needs. The safe and structured environment where the play equipment will be located will facilitate the children's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

All 670 pupils from St Michael’s Primary School will have access to the play equipment on a daily basis.
The planned project is due to provide a similar replacement, maintaining the use of natural materials and will possess a range of difficulty levels thus accommodating children across all ages and physical abilities.

The cost of the play equipment replacement has been quoted at £20,000. In order to fund the project, the PTFA has held a number of fundraising events over the last year with further ones planned and are now also actively seeking funding grants.

St Michael's Primary School PTFA

Moment of Pride

The PTFA is an amazing group of volunteers, who create a sense of community spirit to all those associated with the school and support the funding of enrichment opportunities for our children there. The PTFA is proud of the achievements and differences they make to the school and wider community.

Location: Stoke Gifford