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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Young Radcliffe is a community group in the village of Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire (population > 8000), comprising 10 parents of teenagers and younger children that was set up in response to needs identified by young people in the Radcliffe on Trent Community Plan 2012/13. The resultant Action Plan 2014-2024 sets out a vision for the future of the village following extensive community consultation, open meetings and surveys, including specific Youth surveys and consultations with schools and groups. Clear demand emerged for events for the whole village aimed primarily at teenagers.
In response, Young Radcliffe has since organised two music festivals, RadFest2k17 (15th July 2017) and RadFest2k18 (23rd June 2018) held at the local recreation ground, funded entirely by donations, grants and ticket sales. In its first 2 years, RadFest has showcased 45 local Nottingham music artists across 18 performances, with RadFest2k18 seeing an increased audience of 2300, with a third of the local school teen population attending. The community supported us by volunteering as marshals, technical teams, site decorators and litter pickers. Successful fundraising meant we were able to offer tickets at low cost; therefore ensuring the event was as inclusive as possible. For each event, students from Confetti Institute of Creative Technology ran the stage, sound and lighting rigs, and members of the YouNG network managed and ran the festival market. RadFest2k18 introduced the ‘teen tent’ aimed at increasing engagement with the local teens where they could interview bands post-performance.
Young Radcliffe now wish to capitalise on the success of RadFest by using it as a platform for enhancing skills of young people in the area. Funding from Aviva will enable us to run various activities and workshops in the run up to RadFest2k19, helping us to cover the costs of equipment, materials and venue hire, and enable us to engage specialists in the community to run focussed sessions aimed at developing the following skills amongst our young people:
Journalism – RadFest2k18 saw the introduction of our first ‘teen tent’ marquee where teens could interview the bands in a ‘green room’ style setting, managed and videoed by a local budding journalist who then posted to social media. Additional funding will enable us to diversify this experience by including skill development in social media coverage, blogging and traditional journalism.
Music – The RadFest2k18 teen tent also provided the space and equipment – in addition to the main stage - to enable young musicians to try out their talent in a small, safe environment. We plan to build on this enthusiasm by holding pre-event music workshops aimed at encouraging others to have a go, gaining experience of performing in a small space and gaining the confidence to develop this skill further at RadFest2k19.
Business – Both RadFest2k18 and 2k19 included a festival market managed and run by the Rushcliffe Borough Council YouNG network. Local teens were invited to run stalls therefore acquiring entrepreneurial and business skills. We will focus some of our workshops at further developing these skills by inviting guest speakers to inspire and motivate our young people.
Art – RadFest was successful in engaging the community in producing festival decorations and art work using recycled material such as old fabric, wool etc. For example, the local girl guide group designed and produced an incredible array of bunting, crocheted hoops, flowers and pompoms. Focusing a workshops on decorative art will enable young people to further develop their artistic skills and showcase them at RadFest2k19.
Photography – Young Radcliffe invited two local professional photographers to each RadFest event. We plan to engage these photographers in running a dedicated photography session with the aim of enabling young photographers to develop their photographic portfolio and showcase their talent at RadFest2k19.

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Young Radcliffe

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Young Radcliffe is run by 10 volunteers who give their spare time to run community events aimed primarily at young people. With no previous experience, they have successfully run 2 music festivals but also started to plan activities during the year to boost youth involvement and skill development.

Location: Radcliffe on Trent