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We aim to help blind and partially sighted children access the wonder of books, providing a free postal library of tactile books with audio descriptions.
‘Living Paintings enabled our daughter to feel part of the everyday world that everyone else takes for granted. Being blind is incredibly isolating, but the Touch to See books ensured that other children took an interest in how she read. The books give her a positive view of reading and of herself, which is incredibly important for her mental health.’ Parent

The Gruffalo, Elmer the Elephant, Hugless Douglas, Spot the Dog - books like these are essential reading for families with young children across the UK, but blind and partially sighted children miss out – they can turn the pages of a book and hear the story, but cannot envisage what the Gruffalo looks like, or Little Sheep, or countless other illustrated characters. Please help us to include these children!
At Living Paintings we bring stories and educational topics to life - our Touch to See books include raised, tactile images hand-painted by volunteers; audio recordings voiced by professional actors and Braille versions of the story included.

These children can now feel the shape of the characters, understand a cratered moon or textured Gruffalo, using their senses of touch and hearing. The pictures are brightly coloured, for those children with partial sight and also for the shared experience - reading a book with a sibling, or a grandparent with failing eyesight.

Did you know that children with visual impairments are:

• Three times more likely than sighted children to be bullied at school
• More likely to have unemployed or financially struggling parents
• More likely to feel unhappy, feel worried and have emotional and concentration difficulties
• The prevalence rate is so low that a mainstream school setting is unlikely to have sufficient knowledge and experience to meet their requirements

Our goal is to address these issues and foster inclusion. We can do this thanks to help from a multitude of volunteers and thanks to the voices and talents of professional actors and personalities like Martin Freeman, Mel Giedroyc and Sir Derek Jacobi, who generously donate their time to provide audio recordings. But we also need donations to provide our free library service.
It costs Living Paintings £60 per child per year to receive as many books as they wish to borrow from our catalogue of Touch to See books. This service is completely free and available across the UK.

It is an exciting time to be part of our story - 2019 marks our 30th anniversary and we will be marking this with a number of events and campaigns. Living Paintings supports 15,000 beneficiaries and we rely on voluntary income to continue our work.

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Living Paintings

Moment of Pride

To bring the joy of children's literature to blind and partially sighted children in a completely accessible way through different senses - I am proud to be part of this wonderful mission. The volunteers who help Living Paintings - producing and painting the tactile images - are awesome.

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