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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


"Our young people will do jobs that don't exist yet, using technologies that have not yet been invented to solve problems of which we are not yet aware" (Richard Riley) but 'old people' rarely ask them about things that really affect them.

In terms of public services listening to children and young people they are often referred to as a 'hard to reach' group. That is not true when you find creative ways of helping them come together and do something that's fun too - consultation events are not fun, task and finish groups do not sound like fun, a music festival? Well now you're talking!!!!

We hosted our second music festival - Live Life music festival – and asked young people and then some other young people who came to have a look round a recording studio to help make a film about what they thought - Does it ever feel like no one is listening? They said LISTEN TO ME. Families came along to Live Life Festival - young people with learning disabilities, autism or both, their parents and brothers and sisters and were more than happy to tell us what they thought and what they wanted for their own future. They want more opportunities to come together, make friends, have some fun and be listened to.

There isn’t any difference between what children and young people wanted in their lives regardless of whether they had any learning disability or autism BUT young people were aware that if they had a 'label' adults - not just mum and dad - seemed to offer them less choice and have lower expectations which created more barriers for them to overcome. They said “there just feels like more people that feel they have a right to ‘Geg in’ on your life”

This project would give us the opportunity to host another music festival, continuing to build on the ideas and aspirations of young people who want the opportunity to try new things like camping and staying up late and live music with people who they feel confident have paid attention to their particular access needs.

The funding available through this programme is vitally important to making sure that young people with learning disabilities, their brothers and sisters and families as well as adults and older people with a learning disability, autism or both can come together and enjoy a live music in a festival atmosphere. The funding pays for all the things that a full access audit tells us we need e.g. adult changing spaces, viewing platform, accessible stage area to support people to perform and share their skills also, volunteer expenses so we can make sure everyone has the best time etc.

Suzanne (59) said she had a fabulous time and had never been to anything like it again - please do it again she said as she was going home - please help us to do that.

Emma (15) said 'I like dancing, its been amazing with my friends'

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My Life My Way

Moment of Pride

My Life My Way is led by our community to facilitate inclusion and belonging with anyone at risk of isolation.
My Life My Way is a fabulous team of people who are not afraid to try new things because the team themselves are experts by experience and genuinely understand the issues faced by people

Location: Wigan