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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


‘Quads SOS’

Parkland Primary School has been at the centre of the Sketty Park community in Swansea for more than 50 years. It provides a hub of activity, not only for early 600 pupils, but also for many families that come to the site to enjoy a wider programme of community events and programmes.

We're fortunate to serve a broad cultural, economic and social demographic, situated in an area of deprivation, with 20 different first languages spoken. Every child comes to school with their own unique set of challenges, and we endeavour to help every one of them reach their potential, all the while taking pride in being diverse and inclusive.

The vision for ‘Quads SOS’ is the renewal of 3 existing outdoor areas, which will extend class learning spaces for use all year round. Outdoor learning provides us with a unique way of interacting with our children, enabling us to break away from traditional teaching models and to interact in a way that maximises freedom, movement and a sense of wellbeing.

Our community have played a key part in developing the ‘Quads SOS’ vision. We have consulted with parents, teachers and pupils to gather views and how best to utilise the areas and are resounding in our common goal to make better use of our rich environment to enhance learning and wellbeing.

The school’s role number has recently increased by 25%. This is an exciting development, as it shows that Parkland is thriving, and spaces are in demand. However, the increase does put pressure on our building, much of which’s fabric is original and in need of renewal.

The outdoor areas are already accessible from the classrooms, but their state of repair has meant that we have not been able to maximise their potential for many years. We want to transform these tired spaces by installing durable flooring, replacing old and uneven concrete slabs. In addition, we would like to see the original windows replaced, and shelter installed so that 50% of each quadrangle area can be used whatever the weather. Once these things are completed we can then focus on installing vibrant wall coverings, as well as play equipment that promote role play, construction, water play, art and mark making, science, maths and food growing.

Whilst engaging the views of our community it became clear that people wanted to help. As such we have already made some headway through a ‘Quads SOS’ campaign with several fundraising activities over the past 18 months. These have included school fetes and discos. In this way, we have been able to fundraise enough to cover the cost of 1 shelter and 1 set of windows, which we are excited about.

Our hope is that the Aviva community fund will enable us to press ahead in completing Quad 1, as £10,000 will enable us to install new surfacing, as well as purchase play and learning equipment to meet the needs of every child.

Our desire is that this refurbishment programme will leave a legacy for the children of Parkland School. By transforming a tired concrete space into an inspiring outdoor classroom, we believe there will be wide-reaching benefits to promote:

- Active lifestyles, freedom, movement and sense of wellbeing
- Space to explore, experiment, discover, be active and healthy, and to develop physical capabilities
- Direct contact with the weather and the seasons
- An understanding and respect for nature
- Teamwork, problem solving, creativity, imagination and resourcefulness
- Food growing and healthy eating

Parkland Primary School is continually looking to develop its provision, being as imaginative and dynamic as it can be whilst experiencing difficult funding pressures. These outdoor learning spaces will provide us with this very opportunity. It is an improvement that stands to improve the health and wellbeing of every child, and that is incredibly exciting!

Voting for ‘Quads SOS’ at Parkland School really will help our big dream to come true! Thank you!

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Parkland Parents Association

Moment of Pride

Parkland's school community is amazing for its warmth and inclusivity to a hugely diverse group of local families. Despite a difficult funding situation, we are proud that staff and families are enthusiastic and driven to see our outdoor spaces regenerated and for 'Quads SOS' to become a reality!

Location: Swansea