Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Brilliant Aspirations is an interactive local community project which enables to help young people, to obtain fundamental skills for life and further study Finance and Science, Technology, Engineering & Medicine (STEM) at university.
We’re thankful for the funding Aviva has gave us last year which has been used by another successful group of young people. Brilliant Aspirations offers free non-residential training to 15 – 18 year olds from non-traditional backgrounds. We offer a unique educational opportunity and for the wider community to get involved and help create an exciting and enriched learning experience for all its pupils.
This project is centred and focused on the local community and its values. To date, we’ve been able to negotiate a lower hall rental with a Grade II community hall to teach our students and further immerse them in the history of the British culture.
Brilliant Aspirations is further supported by individuals from the local community who volunteer their time to deliver interactive and informal sessions for the students giving them exposure to careers they were unaware of.
The Aviva employees who deliver presentations have always left our students feeling awed and inspired, often more assured that they can pursue a degree in finance. On the STEM side we have senior individuals from institutions like Network Rail and Imperial College London advise our students even up to PhD level!
We aim to help support students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, especially those which are underrepresented at university. In particular, we’ve helped young women who want to study physics and engineering plus BAME students in finance and statistics.
Brilliant Aspirations does not solely teach academic skills to the local young people. We focus on improving their financial literacy and digital skills. We teach young people key skills for life including how to budget and save money. We also have an interactive competition each year where students learn team work skills and develop business plans. At Brilliant Aspirations we believe excellence in students’ achievements is not merely confined to academic progress but can be seen in their creativity, social awareness and confidence.
We need funding for the venue, physics experiments, insurance and other legal requirements and a projector and screen. We also offer a graduation ceremony to our students.
The innovativeness of Brilliant Aspirations leverages from the skills sets of its executive members and co-founders, a brother and sister duo. Physics is headed by Mr Wonder Idowu and Mathematics is headed by Miss Victory Idowu both graduates of Russell group universities
However Brilliant Aspirations does not stop there. We continue our dialogue with the students using a termly newsletter where a particular subject is mentioned. We highlight various encouraging but informative aspects of the STEM. We also send information to the students on possible work experience opportunities and University Outreach programmes encouraging them to sign up.
Wonder Idowu engages students in a range of physics related practical and theoretical activities. Victory Idowu presents the fields of mathematics and statistics from a dynamically challenging setting by setting simple problems in the real world context.
We collect feedback with the purpose of using data to effectively raise achievement. Students are asked in-depth questions about their experiences and therefore contextual and value-added data is obtained. We incorporate lessons learnt into our future plans and adjust our budget accordingly.
We’ve been marvelled by the numerous kind comments from students, parents, teachers and the wider community. A parent has written a column in a local newspaper spreading the word about Brilliant Aspirations’ ethos and encouraging others to run community projects.
Our feedback is excellent as a Parent said ‘Brilliant Aspirations has changed the life of my daughter for good’.

Brilliant Aspirations

Moment of Pride

The support of Aviva staff even beyond the funding we were privileged to receive last year. It was enlightening to our students to see a variety of brilliant and diverse people who are successful in industry it was energising. We are proud to state our first cohort of students are in university.

Location: London