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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our church hall was originally expected to last 25 years, and that was in 1972. It was a prefabricated building which was really a glorified shed. It was all we could afford after paying for the church building. We have worked hard over the years to keep the hall in good order, but it has come to the point where it is no longer fit for purpose and finally IT NEEDS REPLACING. We have been fund raising for the past 2 years and through hard work have raised £ 56,000 to date. We are planning selling some land to help fund our project but even with this, we wont have enough to fit out the new hall and surface the car park.

Our area really is in need of this new meeting place. Our new hall will be a flexible, light building with three rooms and a modern catering kitchen. It will have a glass frontage and covered walkway and outside space for summer use.

The community presently use our current hall for many meetings and parties, childrens' events and societies. We know that when is is replaced by a new hall, it will be used far more, by people looking for a local wedding venue, or party venue . We only have one room in the old hall , but the new hall is designed to have a flexible space, having three different sized rooms which will make it more usable by many different groups, both large and small.
We already use the hall for a mother and toddler group and keep fit group for the elderly. It will be used by local councillors for surgeries and meetings. It is already used by the local police for their PACT meetings.
We hope to start a regular lunch club and coffee bar. We will be opening it up to dance classes and choirs. We know that a pilates group is looking for this sort of facility and we know that many other groups would be attracted to our new community hall. It will have disabled access and we know that disability groups will be interested in using it. We also know of one local counsellor who is looking for a small private room for her practice. There is a lack of facility in our area for youth in our area and we are hoping to offer a drop in centre for young people to meet.
The current hall is starting to rot in many places and soon will have to be closed down as both unsafe, and un-sanitary. We are not sure that it will weather another winter. To lose a facility like this will badly impact our community, both church community and wider community. Even in its present state we still get lots of requests for the use of our hall. If it had to be closed it would really impact everyone really badly.

If we can achieve our goal of building an iconic new building which matches the modernistic look of the church, it will not only provide a great facility but also enhance the area. It will be the building that should have been put up in the first place all those years ago and which we couldn't afford.

£25,000 would help us to fit out the kitchen and provide chairs for the hall, it might even help us to surface the car park. it would make SUCH A DIFFERENCE to know that people are helping us with this giant project. Please vote for us

The Parish of Christ Church Roath Park, Cardiff

Moment of Pride

We have asked a local award winning architect to design a new hall which will enhance the local community. Our church consists of around 130 regular attenders. They are keen to build this new facility where they can serve the local community with love and compassion. A friendly hub for all ages.

Location: Lake Road North, Cardiff, UK


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