Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Christmas wishes helps families all year round with food hampers and personal items like sanitary towels shampoo toothpaste toilet rolls ,things that are Essential but with putting food first often cannot afford, so we have set up a food pantry and a beauty bank so when anybody asks for food parcel we will give them items from the beauty bank .we also have a Christmas party each year for under privileged children with a toy appeal that requires over 500 gifts .a visit from Santa entertainment and party buffet.
We even provide food for Christmas Day lunch for the ones that require extra help.
This makes a massive difference to the families involved especially to the children we help over 50 families over Christmas time.

Christmas wishes

Moment of Pride

This project makes me proud just seeing the children’s faces at the Christmas party when They get to meet santa and just have a wonderful time .
We make so all children have a Christmas lunch which many would not otherwise all children receive presents for under the Christmas tree.

Location: Burgess Hill


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