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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Wyre Juniors is a community football club offering football and training opportunities for kids aged 4-16yrs. Currently we have 15 football teams of differing ages and we also run a Saturday Morning football club (SMFC) in conjunction with AFC Fylde football club for youngsters. In total we have around approximately 200 kids that are involved, 15 volunteer football managers along with a committee of 5 volunteer persons.
For many years now the club has had no facilities for toilets, changing rooms, showers, or to be able to offer kids and parents alike a hot drink and snack on match days and as we have grown as a club we have found it necessary to be able to provide some or all of these to some extent.
Wyre Juniors has access to a pavilion at our football ground but unfortunately it had got into a state of disrepair many many years ago and has been unusable ever since. With the growth of our football club, we have recently decided to renovate this building and our plan is to be able to provide our kids. parents and opposing football teams the facilities as mentioned.
Our club is a non profit organisation and we rely on monthly subs to fund the running of it. The cost of renovation our building I estimate will be around £10,000. We have many volunteer parents willing to lend a hand but we are looking to obtain any amount of funding from elsewhere to hopefully complete this task.

Wyre Juniors Football Club

Moment of Pride

To see 200 kids happy and having the opportunity to play youth football week in and week is fantastic for me. The support offered by parents and volunteers who give up their time for games and training is fantastic. It will be great to offer them our building facilities to enhance their experience.

Location: Sandy Lane, Preesall, Poulton-le-Fylde, UK