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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Bowsland Green Primary School is undergoing a transformation. Just a few years ago, a poor Ofsted report meant the school was low on the list of desirable schools for local parents to send their children to. However, with a change in leadership and teaching staff all that has turned around. An Ofsted inspection in 2017 found the school to be 'Good with Outstanding features' - a result of the hard work and commitment of the staff, pupils and Friends of the school.

Now, the Friends of Bowsland Green - the association which raises funds for the school - want to provide the support and funding needed to establish an outdoor space which reflects the enormous positive changes which have taken place within the heart of the school. A playground regeneration project is in its early stages, with funding being sought for a complete overhaul of the tired, uninspiring outdoor space.

The improvements already seen demonstrate the commitment of all involved in making the school the best it can be and we want to develop a space which our children can be proud of. With school places at a premium in our area, we have a duty to ensure that we are providing the best possible environment in which local children can develop skills, engage and socialise and find new ways every day to explore space and remain active.

Projects like this need to be done well - there isn't a 'quick fix' - and that means that funds are required to make the regeneration happen. £15,000 would allow us to redevelop an area known as 'the green area' - so called because of the colour of the surface used as a base. Within this area there is a large wooden 'ship' structure as well as some basic wooden climbing equipment. The surface in this area has begun to crack and the wooden elements are tired, dated and not fit for purpose.

With funding in schools being extremely limited, the likelihood of this stretching to cover such a development is virtually non-existent. Therefore we have been carrying out numerous fundraising events and are slowly increasing the amount available. However, the large outlay required for this part of the playground alone will be beyond our means for many years, without the support of external funding. The space is in dire need of improvement and we hope that we can secure the funds to give our school the facilities it deserves.

This project will positively impact the 270 pupils at the school, as well as the children of the pre-school that shares the school grounds and use the green area to develop their early motor skills. This means if successful the development will improve the motor skills of children for up to 9 years of their lives. The equipment we are looking to fund will come with a 15 year guarantee and so will impact a number of generations of pupils.

The Friends of Bowsland Green Primary School

Moment of Pride

As a PTA we are proud to be a part of such a postitive transformation in the school. We are lucky to have brilliant staff and pupils who are constantly striving for more, and we believe they deserve to have an outdoor space which allows them to continue the journey.

Location: Bradley Stoke