Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are victims of our own success and we now have a three year waiting list for our adult trampolining sessions. We are restricted in terms of square footage of our building and therefore buying an additional trampoline is not an option. However, what we are able to offer is adult fitness classes on a Rebound trampoline, we just need the equipment available in the first instance to offer this. We have a qualified rebound instructor already and waiting to get started and 10 people on a waiting list who are ready and raring to go!

Weight and lack of fitness is a problem in our community, we will offer a cheap and accessible fun form of fitness class, where size and shape are not an issue. We are situated in the centre of town and accessible to 1000's of people via public transport and on foot. We are welcoming and pride ourselves on being fully inclusive.

Rebounders can also be used for rehabilitation and fitness training for child club members. Especially those that wish to compete at a high level.

Rebounding is one of the best ways of getting fit. It is safe, low impact, beneficial to all fitness levels.

Benefits include:
Boosts energy
Boosts circulation
Improves cardiovascular fitness
Improves digestion
Aids weight loss
Builds bone density
Reduces cellulite
Improves muscle tone
Helps eliminate toxins.
Reduces stress

Ricochet Community Sports Club

Moment of Pride

We're really glad that people wish to use trampolining as a means of improving their fitness and proud of the fact they are choosing our club as they place they want to be! We believe this is because our reputation is growing and word is getting out that we are an inclusive and welcoming group.

Location: Banbury, UK