Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


1st Mansfield Powell Rangers is the only Ranger unit in Mansfield. We provide opportunities for girls aged 14-18. Our aim is to give girls life experiences to develop their independence, confidence, skills and knowledge. Through different opportunities the girl can grow and develop into brilliant and confident young women.
We are planning our 2019 Summer Camp to give our girls to opportunity to have a new adventure. Many of our girls have never had the opportunity to go on a camp before and experience the great outdoors. Our membership numbers are growing, which not only increases opportunities for girls in our community, but also increases the costs of events. The cost for the trip is £150 per person, with the additional cost of food, transport and equipment. With the estimated number of 15 girls and 4 leaders, the cost of the trip will be around £4,000. With our numbers growing we will also need to purchase additional camping equipment to ensure the event is accessible to all our girls.
Camps offer the opportunity for girls to learn new skills, build friendships and develop independence and confidence. The girls will learn how the put together and run a camp, learning new skills and developing their knowledge. As a group of young women, we aim to provide opportunities for the girls to run and plan activities, and to engage in leadership opportunities to develop their life skills.
The main aim of our camp is for the girls to have fun. Our policy at Rangers is to ensure that all activities as diverse and inclusive for each and every girl to have fun and enjoy their experiences.

1st Mansfield Powell Rangers

Moment of Pride

Working with young women in a deprived area, teaching them new skills, independence and confidence. We aim to provide a fun and safe environment so the Rangers can enjoy every opportunity possible.

Location: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK