Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


At the moment we have a large piece of land that belongs to school but is not able to be used. Due to an increase of children on the playground we would love to restore this area into a quiet/nature area for the children to enjoy if they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the playground. We would also love to enhance the area with different plants, herbs and encourage different animal habitats to enable the school to use the area as part of their growing outdoor curriculum. These changes to our current derelict area will ensure that children can have the quiet time they deserve in the busy school day providing a quiet sanctuary where they can gather their thoughts and experience sensory elements of nature area. It will also ensure we can access areas of our outdoor and science curriculum allowing more learning to take place outdoors. To improve this area we are working hard to clear and tidy the overgrown land. We then wish to purchase seating, plants and herbs plus gardening tools to enable the children to maintain an area they will surely be proud of. The current school funding formulas do not work in favour of our school and we do not have money to restore, repair or enhance areas of our school grounds. It would be such a lovely surprise and a lovely treat for our children to experience quality improvements to the appearance and feel of this area. The children have been working hard to share their ideas and dreams for this area and we very much hope to do all we can to make these come true.


Moment of Pride

Our school is a small village school we host regular events to try and boost funds as we do not receive much funding locally. We are and always have been proud of how all the parents and pupils get involved and pull together to raise funds to try and make the children’s ideas/dreams come true!

Location: Silkstone


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