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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000

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The Skate 2 Health project is new project developed by Love Hockey Ireland (Now trading as Powered By Sport) which incorporates 4 themes:

1: Promote & inspire an active lifestyle
2: Mental health awareness
3: Physical health awareness
4: Cultural diversity


This new project has evolved from our highly successful S.T.A.R (Skating Together Advancing Relations) programme which our charity ran in 2012 with funding from Peace lll SEUPB. That programme focused fully on using inline hockey for purely community relations.

Our new Skate 2 Health programme incorporates the 4 themes showing above.

Skate 2 Health Project:

In year one (2019) the pilot project will bring 180 primary 7 aged children together from schools in low socioeconomic & divided community areas.

It will use the sport of Inline hockey to provide the children with the opportunity to take part in an exciting & non traditional form of exercise.

It is anticipated that 90% of the children taking part will have never experienced roller skating before. This means that all the children will be starting from the same position in terms of skills, experience & competence. The core focus of the sessions are based on making exercise fun and exciting. By adopting this approach the project will inspire the children to associate an active lifestyle as an enjoyable and desirable way of life.

The project will provide the children with a greater awareness of the positive effect being active can have on our physical and mental health by providing a safe environment to start conversations with trained professionals from the fields of physical and mental health who will cover topics such as nutrition and the dangers posed by social media for mental health.

The Mental Health foundation has stated that Northern Ireland has catastrophic levels of mental ill health, with evidence showing that more people have died by suicide in the past 18 years than were killed during 30 years of conflict. This pilot project in 2019, has a 5 year development plan in place which will see yearly interaction grow to over 300 primary 7 children per year by 2023, and therefore will help provide a long term impact on community health.

We believe "Sport has the power to change the world" As a community involved in conflict for 30 years some sports inadvertently became aligned with one community or the other. We believe Inline Hockey is unique in the fact that the sport has no denominational history in Northern Ireland, and that it is a sport that attracts a large number of ethnic minorities living in the local community, therefore it provides the perfect setting to contribute towards cultural diversity.

The programme will indirectly improve community relations by exposing the children to peers from different sides of our divided communities and providing the opportunity to enjoy new and positive experiences together.
Sharing these new experiences will provide a common connection which will help to break down divided community barriers.

In order to start this project we first must obtain sufficient amounts of inline hockey sports equipment to properly protect all the children taking part, as our previous equipment is no longer safe to use.

If successful in obtaining this money through the Aviva fund we will be able to start our pilot project in September 2019 as we already have the schools committed to participation.

Unfortunately until we are able to secure the required funding to purchase this equipment, the project cannot commence.

(Below is a video of our previous S.T.A.R programme. We are showing this to give you a clearer insight into what Inline Hockey is and how it can be used to promote being active as a desirable, fun lifestyle.
The theme of that programme was different to this applications "Skate 2 Health" programme, but we believe it is a good reference video for supporters of our application)

Project Video

Love Hockey Ireland

Moment of Pride

One of the most exciting aspects of this project is the level of interest from schools, & the belief that this project can provide real benefit to their children's physical, mental & social health. With a 5 year development plan it has the possibility to make a lasting impression in our communities.

Location: Northern Ireland, UK