Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Environment Area has existed since the school was built, however over the past few years it has fallen into disrepair without the means or funds to make the space an inviting and engaging environment for the children. The space is, at present, largely unused.

The project, in our vision, is twofold.

Firstly; at the request of the school, it is the wish of the PTA to raise money to contribute to the development of a functional school garden and an in-house 'forest school environment' on the existing Environment Area site. At present the PTA currently funds an external company to undertake forest school offsite with the different year groups at various points throughout the school year. The children benefit greatly from the forest school classes as it offers a unique opportunity for the children to experience the curriculum in the outdoors. They learn to witness the seasons and nature in action, to ignite their creativity all whilst building relationships with their peers.
By developing our own onsite area this will enable the children to gain all the skills provided by a traditional forest school, but in a more sustainable, cost effective way in an accessible environment.

Secondly, in order to make the project more sustainable in the long term it is our vision to engage with the parents, grandparents and local residents in the council flats directly neighbouring the school in order to develop a community responsibility for the upkeep of the space. We believe in creating a community around the environment area will create a sense of pride.

In order to engage with the local community we will hold a coffee morning where local residents and grandparents will be invited to come along to understand our vision and help hear our pitch for support. The local council flats only have minimal gardens, which many of the residents take great pride in the upkeep of and we know from our own PTA plant sales what keen gardeners many are. By sharing our ample space we will be offering enrichment to the lives, whilst harnessing their skill set. Furthermore, both the children and the residents/grandparents will benefit from the inter-generational interaction and there is so much both generations will be able to learn from the other by working in a cooperative shared space.

The money would enable us to create a fantastic community garden/forest school environment for the children; a sheltered area to make the area accessible throughout the seasons, seating area for artwork/mindfulness, to create several raised beds that the different year groups can take responsibility for, to provide a greenhouse area where fruit and veg can be grown to help the children to learn more about where their food comes from. It will also enable us to buy the plants, trees and seeds we so badly need in order to regenerate the otherwise unused area. We also hope to create an interactive sensory area which will be of benefit to all the children, but particularly those who have additional needs. The path to the space also needs some work in order to make it more accessible to all generations and to our pupils who are less able-bodied.

In terms of a longer term vision for the project, we foresee being able rent the space to other local schools and community groups in order to develop the ongoing running costs of such a space.

In order to fundraise the kind of money we would need to be able to realise our vision would take years in event planning and parental funding. The PTA is entirely run by volunteers, most of whom are working parents of children at the school. The funding would offer the children and the local community a chance today that we would otherwise be asking existing parents to fund where their child might not actually be at the school to see the benefits.

Lowercroft Primary School PTA

Moment of Pride

At Lowercroft every child is special and unique. A stimulating environment is provided to ensure that children have a love of learning and the PTA works hard to make sure that the extra curricular activities can be funded, especially in light of all the recent cuts the school has experienced.

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