Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Rock Pool Project reconnects people with nature. The project empowers a growing community of people from all walks of life to discover coastal wildlife. By combining expert support with the latest communication technology, the Rock Pool Project will inspire participants and provide them with the necessary skills to collect and share important records and images of our marine natural heritage within a variety of activities. The project works closely with local school children.

What we aim to achieve:

1. Inspiring young people to connect with their natural environment

The benefits of people connecting with nature are starting to become fully appreciated. Increasing evidence is demonstrating the health and well-being benefits of exposure to the natural environment. Whilst the advantages of outdoor learning for children are starting to become appreciated across the educational sector, the existing educational establishment has limited capacity or skills to provide these services.

2. Protecting and improving our marine wildlife

The natural marine environment is vital to Cornish communities. It is fundamental to the tourism market, which dominates the local economy. Visitor surveys repeatedly report a closeness to nature and unspoilt coastlines as leading reasons for selecting Cornwall for their holidays. Furthermore, the marine environment is essential for Cornish communities themselves. Marine wildlife is also under threat for a variety of reasons, including pollution, climate change, overfishing and invasive species. The key to addressing these threats is to raise public awareness of them and of the incredible, yet vulnerable, local marine wildlife that needs to be protected.

Impact on the local community:

The Rock Pool Project is tackling these issues at the earliest possible opportunity by educating Cornish primary school children about their local marine wildlife with our innovative, enjoyable and hands-on ‘Mobile Rock Pool. Using this portable marine world, we bring the magic of Cornish wildlife into the classroom and educate children (and adults) in local schools, about our precious natural heritage.

How the money will make a difference

The money we are seeking to raise will enable us to purchase the equipment and resources we require to expand our mobile rock pool activities to new areas and new communities. We are also looking for funds our on site activities, which we will begin in spring 2019.

Project Video

People Power Science

Moment of Pride

The excitement it generates among adults and children alike; as well as the positive feedback we have received from the activities we have organised to date.

Location: Cornwall, UK