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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Larkettes majorettes is a dance troop that was established in 1979
The troupe is based in Aigburth Liverpool and has approx. 40 dancers aged from 2 upwards
Larkettes is a member of two associations one of them being the Great Britain Battle Twirling Association (GBBTA) and we attend all 5 of GBBTA’s annual competitions including 2 that are held over a weekend in Blackpool
This project is for the start of season competition in April 2019 and this is one of those weekend competitions. The dancers compete in 3 different dance styles Military Freestyle, Dance Twirl and Poms in competitions held on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday
On the Sunday there is a presentation ceremony and celebration where all the dancers receive medals and gifts
We would like to be able to provide transport to get all the dancers to the resort and buy new batons and uniforms.
I would like people to vote for this project as it means the troop can win some much needed funds to help get all the dancers to the competition

Larkettes Majorettes

Moment of Pride

I am proud to be involved in this project as watching the dancers improve year on year and grow with confidence when they are performing in a competition

Location: Liverpool