Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


CAAP is a small charity that supports families who have a child or young person with a disability or additional need in Cornwall to access activities during school holidays. We realised that some of our older members loved the activities that involved structure and that they would be capable of running those activities.
So we created time2shine and the young people are called Shiners. All of our shiners have a disability or additional need. They take over the organisation of some of our activities, booking families in, showing them where the equipment is and making sure that everyone gets a turn. The shiners wanted to be supported by other young people so we now employ shiner buddies who support the shiners to complete the tasks they have been assigned.
Along with running some of our activities they are given the opportunity to see how other businesses and charities work. They meet monthly to discuss their next opportunities and to give and receive support from one another.
We ask our local community to give the shiners opportunities to Shine, such as helping at conferences and events, showing the wider community that our young people can and do contribute.

The shiners will graduate at a ceremony they will organise themselves. At the graduation they will be given a portfolio of achievement which will include a reference for future employers.

Having this money would mean we could take the shiners far and wide to deliver their message that disabled young people are worth employing and giving each of these young people the opportunity to gain independance and raise their own self esteem.

Project Video

Cornwall Accessible Activities Program (CAAP)

Moment of Pride

Our last cohort of shiners presented to 800 nurses at a conference. They supported one another to get on a plane and travel to Dublin and they literally lit up the room when they arrived at the conference. For each young person we pushed them out of their comfort zone and they stepped up.

Location: Cornwall, UK