Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We want to create a series of beautiful learning gardens in our inner city Bradford Schools. We will give young people, especially those in deprived neighborhoods the opportunity to experience the outdoors, wildlife and natural environments through the creation of outdoor classrooms and learning environments in their school grounds.

Our project aims to provide schools who do not currently have resources for outdoor education with the facilities to attract wildlife, teach outside, grow their own fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries and encourage outdoor play. The project will run with 4 primary schools that are in urban areas and that currently have little or no provision.

The design of the gardens will be developed in consultation with the schools, parents and children, and will be special to them. Features will include raised growing beds, composting areas, orchards, foraging hedgerows, seating and fire pit/BBQ areas for cooking, nature trails, mini-beast hotels and trapdoors, fairy glades, reading circles, beehives, bat and bird boxes, bird hides, ponds and sensory gardens that consider taste, sight, sounds and touch.

All of the features will be hand made with both local and business volunteers and will therefore be very cost effective. We expect to work with over 250 volunteers over the course of the project.

The project has been developed through consultations we have completed whilst working in schools recently. Unfortunately, lots of inner city schools only have tarmac areas and do not have any green spaces, natural environments or wildlife at all. The play opportunities are limited and often un-engaging for certain children.

As well as creating better physical environment in the school, we believe the project will have real positive impacts for the young people in the school. We will see the following benefits as a result of the project:

• The greening of school grounds, taking them from yards to beautiful spaces with outdoor classrooms, seating areas, nature trails and natural features such as ponds, bogs and dipping areas.
• Increased physical activity through gardening and induced feelings of stress relief and relaxation
• Better results from children who do not excel in classroom environments and improved behavior
• Increased connections between business community and schools
• Growing of fruit and vegetables in schools and increased awareness and education around healthy eating and food origin
• Creation of new habitats for birds, bees, bats, mini beasts and small mammals, providing wildlife education opportunities for young people
• Creation of sensory areas in schools, specifically for young people with physical and mental disabilities and those with social and emotional delays.

If we are awarded the money this will enable us to develop designs for each of the fours schools, purchase materials for building the new gardens and features, manage the teams of volunteers who make the projects and ensure H&S and first are covered. All of the labor will be free, as we will use teams of volunteers to complete the projects.

We think people should vote for our project as it provides multiple benefits. We are creating 4 new spaces where young people can learn, where they can get physically and mentally fitter, where they can provide environments for wildlife and create new play opportunities. The project has been designed so the costs are minimal as we are using volunteer to deliver the project.

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Moment of Pride

The project is designed and developed by the young people, with guidance and support with ideas, they are part of creating a permanent feature in their school that is used by all of the children for learning and development and creates spaces for wildlife, food growing, play and learning.

Location: Bradford