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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Llantrisant Primary School is a small school with 120 pupils aged 3-11 years, our vision is to promote a stimulating and challenging environment in which every child is encouraged to have an eagerness to learn, respect for themselves and one another and to do so in a spirit of thoughtfulness and humanity.

We are very proud to be an inclusive school and support children with additional needs and learning support needs, many of whom also have additional sensory, learning, health and emotional difficulties. We are committed to supporting all our pupils to achieve their learning potential, and to develop their self confidence and esteem.

We would like Aviva Community Fund to help us develop our outdoor Inclusive play space, a space that challenges our children, encourages creative thinking, helps develop their cognitive learning, develops their physical fitness keeping them motivated to learn, laugh and play.

We know that playtimes are the most important part of the school day for our children, and recognise that opportunities for outdoor play are steadily decreasing so school playtime is vital to children.

Play Wales states that 'The school day should allow time and space for children to relax and play freely with their friends. Children spend a reasonable amount of time in school, therefore the space should be designed to be inclusive and flexible.
73% of children interviewed say that school is the main chance they have to play with their friends, with 55% of children reporting that they sometimes rush their lunch at school so they have time to play.'

At Llantrisant Primary School we make it our priority to ensure all children are able to play together but recognise it is important that we have a space where those with a greater need for quiet time or sensory play can also engage or escape.

We see many amazing developments watching all the children playing together, developing new friendships, increasing their social interactions and relationships, respecting each others differences and developing greater understanding and acceptance of diversity.

Our new inclusive play area will include:
Enclosed and open spaces
Noisy and quiet areas
Areas for fast running and slow wandering
Light and shaded areas
High and low areas
Areas with fitted equipment and loose parts, this will enhance our children's school experience and enable them to continue to develop great friendships, build confidence, understand and embrace their difference and to create fun and lasting happy memories of their school life.

We the parents of the PTA are applying to the Aviva Community Fund to request £1000 to support the development of our Outdoor Inclusive play area.

Llantrisant PTA

Moment of Pride

Our school has a lovely community feel where children feel safe and are happy, the staff take time to get to know each of the children, taking an interest in their family life and their life outside of school. The children thrive and enjoy learning.

Location: Llantrisant