Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


It is OK not to be OK! We all need a little extra help sometimes. Our project will make sure everyone in our community has someone to talk to when they need it.

£25,000 will run our project for a whole year across 2 schools benefitting our whole community and supporting over 220 children, 120 parents and 100 members of staff. We need your help to make this happen!

The facts

- 1 in 4 children go on to develop a mental health issue
- Over 2 million children live with a parent with a common mental health disorder
- 70% of children & young people experiencing a mental health problem don’t get support soon enough
- Incidents of self-harm in young girls increased by 68% last year

Good mental health and emotional wellbeing is an integral part of children & young people’s holistic development and must be a priority for schools because unhappy children don’t learn. A Barnados study found therapeutic services in school positively impact children’s health, well-being, attitudes to school and ability to enjoy learning.

Many of our pupils come from communities who place a huge stigma around mental health and many others are not getting support early enough. We will raise awareness and reduce stigma ensuring everyone knows it is ok to ask for help! Focusing on prevention & early Intervention we will work with children, young people and families early to ensure problems do not get worse.

Our project

Working across Oaklands & Hobbayne Primary Schools our counselling partnership will bring together pupils, families & schools to deliver a holistic therapeutic service working to increase the wellbeing of the whole community – children, staff and families. We will do this by:

- Working in partnership across schools and with other agencies
- Removing barriers to learning and helping children build positive relationships
- Offering practical & emotional support to families, carers and staff
- Providing everyone with a confidential space to explore thoughts and feelings
- Delivering a whole school approach to emotional health & wellbeing in line with the DoH green paper Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision

What we will deliver

Our project will work across 2 schools providing support to the whole community:

- We will work with individual pupils to offer intensive therapeutic support
- We will offer lunchtime drop-in for pupils to come and talk about anything that’s worrying them
- We will work with groups of pupils building resilience, friendship skills, anger management and dealing with exam stress or transition
- We will work with parents to help them support children’s emotional health and offering support with their own worries like bereavement, separation or illness through drop in sessions, long term support and group workshops or coffee mornings
- We will work with staff in schools helping them to better support pupils in their care and giving them space to talk about their personal concerns. We will provide staff training, supervision, advice on strategies and classroom interventions as well as access to drop-in or ongoing therapeutic support
- We will deliver universal work like our Children’s Mental Health Week which raises everyones awareness of the importance of good emotional health and in the event of tragedy within the community we will offer critical incident support

Who we will help . . .

- Over 200 children will visit our lunchtime listening space to talk to a trained psychotherapist with 600 visits being made over the year.

- At least 20 children will receive 1:1 ongoing therapeutic support
- Over 120 parents will use our 1:1 drop in service to help them better support their child or to get help for themselves. Many of these parents will have never considered seeking support before!
- We will train 100 members of staff to help them better understand and respond to the children in their care
- Around 60 staff will use our service to ge

Project Video

Oaklands Primary School PSA

Moment of Pride

We are changing conversations about mental health and reducing stigma to accessing therapy. Children know it’s good to ask for help, it’s good to talk and it’s ok not to be ok. The trusting relationships we have with everyone in our community mean we are in the best position to offer support at an e

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