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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Glendinning Play for All will provide much needed playground equipment within the Glendinning community of Galashiels in the grounds of Glendinning Terrace Primary School. Despite the area backing on to farmland, the children in the Glendinning area do not have access to any open space, the nearest being through a steep wooded ravine to Galashiels Golf Course.

EU guidelines state that children should not live further than 400m from a play area in built up areas. Currently the nearest play park is a small one in a private housing development, over a mile away from many of the children's homes. The journey involves either walking on rough paths through woodland or walking along busy roads, including the A7 trunk road.

There are two large play parks in Galashiels but to access these, children must cross the A7 and there are no controlled crossings to enable this.

To provide everyday access to play equipment for our children would be wonderful. Not only will it increase levels of physical activity but it will also have a positive impact on learning.

Glendinning Terrace Primary School is situated on a residential street in Galashiels (see attached map). We currently have 64 families attending the school being 75 pupils on the school roll and a further 17 attending our nursery.

Households in the area were surveyed in 2013/2014. This confirmed a real need for play facilities for the children in the area. Unfortunately, there were no suitable sites within the Glendinning and Ladhope areas (the school catchment) for the scale of project that was being considered.

Following a meeting in September 2018 at Glendinning Terrace Primary School, open to parents and attended by the Head Teacher, it was agreed that the school is the only viable site for play provision as it already has disabled access and is therefore easily entered by all of the Community.

The school gates are currently left open after school hours but play equipment is limited – a large tractor tyre, climbing holds on the wall and a 2 metre-long wooden train to sit on. The playground has some markings for pavement games and there is an area of Astroturf (approx. 20 metres by 8 metres) at the rear of the school. (see attached photos).

As the playground is small and space is limited we would focus on outdoor sensory/ musical equipment and equipment for improving balance and co-ordination. This range of equipment will also reach the needs of all children in the community, including those with additional needs.

Some of the equipment will require safety flooring. If funding was provided, we would liaise with the school and local council to arrange installation of this during the school holidays in 2019.

To ensure its success, we would involve the community (parent council, teachers, parents and most importantly children) when finalising suitable playground equipment for the project. The play equipment for consideration will also have to be the most beneficial and efficient for the space available.

Once this consultation has taken place, final plans will be drawn up for the project and displayed in the school for the community to view them.

We anticipate that successful delivery of this project will encourage future collaboration within the community.

Glendinning Terrace Primary School Parent Council

Moment of Pride

Children living in our community will gain easy access to outdoor play opportunities which are not currently available. We would love to create an inspiring, secure, happy space within our school grounds which will benefit the community outwith school hours, encouraging activity from an early age.

Location: Glendinning Terrace, Galashiels, UK


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