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Funding level: Up to £1,000

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We are a small community-based tennis club in Babbacombe, Torquay, run entirely by volunteers.
The Club was started in October 2001 to bring affordable tennis to young people who could not afford to go to a traditional tennis club.
One of the first projects we undertook was to build a clubhouse. But with a main room of just 10 feet by 7 feet, plus a small office, we desperately need to extend it and make it fit for purpose.
By ingenious use of a couple of adjoining but obsolete storage areas, we plan to increase the inside space four-fold while barely increasing the footprint of the building.
We have been granted full planning permission and had raised the £25,000 building costs completely by ourselves with book sales, raffles, sponsored events, selling off old tennis balls to dog lovers and many more endeavours.
But some small changes from the planners to our original designs for a disabled entrance have left us about £1,000 short. It would be fabulous to be able to proceed with the disabled access as this will be such a huge benefit for those of all ages within our community. Cary Park Tennis Club are lucky enough to have some beautiful surrounding land and spectating areas within the club, therefore people come along not only to participate in playing tennis but also just to observe. The disabled access will not only be of a benefit to our members but also the local community who often visit and watch games. We are based in an area surrounded by lots or residential and nursing homes and this will allow them the ease and access to come along to the club and spectate. The staff within the local community also come along to the grounds to use the picnic areas to enjoy their lunch and take in the peace and quiet.

Cary Park Tennis Club

Moment of Pride

The dedication and care that go in to running the club by the volunteers is outstanding, they maintain and provide a safe and clean environment for all of our community to enjoy a fantastic sport. This project will be of a benefit to all ages groups, club members and local residents.

Location: Torquay