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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


I am not a trustee or volunteer at this organisation and they have not asked me to submit this application and are unaware of it. I was prompted to submit an application for them because I am a governor at a local secondary school in High Wycombe and know that there is a chronic shortages of support, counselling and mental health service for young people in the area and a desperate need.

I know roughly some of their needs in terms of funding but am sure if they had been involved in the application they would have given a clarity and details that I have not.

Since 1982, Youth Enquiry Service have provided free help and advice to the young people of High Wycombe.

Youth Enquiry Service (YES) is a charity based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, that offers free and confidential support and counselling to 13-25 year olds. YES is currently staffed almost completely with volunteers, four days a week and four evenings a week. We support thousands of young people every year.

Our mission is to provide support which is consistently delivered as non-judgemental, supportive, inclusive and empowering. We work with young people experiencing a wide variety of social welfare issues; these include housing, debt, sexual health, education and employment. These can lead to a range of adverse consequences for young people, most commonly, stress; anxiety, depression, ill health, relationship breakdowns, lost income and lost confidence.

YES also runs a busy sexual health service. We offer a chance to talk about relationships, peer pressure and healthy, positive relationships. We can provide free condoms through the C-card scheme, pregnancy and chlamydia testing.

Over the last 35 years we have helped over 85,000 young people with information, emotional and practical support; supported nearly 45,000 13-25 year olds with our counselling service; provided support and advice for sexually vulnerable teenagers, reducing the risk of teenage pregnancies; Protected young people from homelessness; Recruited, trained and supported a team of 50 volunteer counsellors at any one time.
Provided counselling for free to over 15 schools in the local area; Engaged with the local community and last year raised over £10,000 in donations.

If successful the Aviva funding would allow us to extend drop in and scheduled counselling services to provide a much fuller and needed after school and weekend service by:-
-integrating paid counsellors with our volunteers
-admin support to operate a "front desk" and allow the opening of the centre for longer whilst protecting the safety of users and volunteers
-up-skilling our volunteers with additional courses, qualifications and support

This extended service is truly needed because the current Mental health provision in Buckinghamshire, as nationally, is so overstretched that only the most urgent of cases are being treated, and even then often only after a significant delay. There are just not enough resources to deal with the needs of our young people.

I truly hope people will support and vote for this vitally needed service for young people and their health and well-being

Youth Enquiry Service

Moment of Pride

I am very proud of all of the work YES have done with children since 1982. They are providing an essential service to children desperately in need and will have positively affected their heath and well-being, in the context of well documented lack of provision for young peoples mental health needs

Location: High Wycombe