Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We teach Para Dance Sport - or wheelchair dance as it's more commonly known.

We aim to promote and inspire people to take up wheelchair dancing as a social, sporting and competitive activity to improve health and wellbeing.

A core aim is to keep these classes FREE to enable those on low and restricted income to attend.

Classes are open to wheelchair users and able bodied over the age of 14 so the activity is fully inclusive. Our members come from across the Greater Manchester area and some travel as far from Liverpool/Preston.

The benefits of wheelchair dance as a sport and in the community include:
- Increasing mental wellbeing
- Decreasing isolation through going to an activity.
- Improving confidence by increasing ability and skill.
- More outreach into the community with demonstrations and workshops.
- Improving moveability and muscle strength.
- Improving overall fitness.
- Personal goals achieved in competition results.

What is so special is the unexpected outcomes when after many weeks someone has the new-found confidence and wheelchair skills to make their own bed, to microwave a meal or go out with friend without a guardian/carer. Or even have the courage to go and ask someone for a dance at a party or night out!

This project is to support our current and new dancers to join us on their journey to the UK National Championships in 2019.

We are looking for funding to cover the cost of additional room hire and teaching costs for extra classes in the run up to this event.

Our dancers have already achieved results getting many gold medals in 2016 & 2017 and are in final preparations for 2018 competition.

We are also looking for funding to purchase 2 new sports chairs that will be available for members to use in class, particularly those who don't have active wheelchairs.

Project Video

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Moment of Pride

When you see the sheer joy on someone's face when they finally perfect a move they have been trying to do, or at the end of the preparation to enter a competition, the elation at getting their results and taking part in such an inclusive activity makes every second of hard work worth every second.

Location: Manchester