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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


“As well as being fun, play offers children so much more. It benefits their health and wellbeing…it provides them with opportunities to learn, to be physically active, develop their physical and emotional health and skills, freedom of expression and form friendships.” – UK Children’s Commissioners, August 2018

Everybody knows that play is really important for children. It keeps them fit and happy, and helps them develop and grow. Wales was actually the first country in the world to protect in law children’s right to play. But children in our village school aren’t getting as many opportunities to play as they should be. And that’s why we need your help!

Ysgol Pant y Rhedyn is a junior school in Llanfairfechan, North Wales. Back in July 2018, the school’s board of governors contacted the local authority about concern over an increase in the number of accidents happening on the schoolyard. The surface is over thirty years old, and worn out. Children were falling and had received some really nasty cuts - many needed hospital treatment, and some were left with permanent scars.

Like councils all over the county, our local authority is under severe financial pressure. They told us they couldn’t repair the yard because they didn’t have the funds – even though they are responsible for maintaining the school.

To keep pupils safe, the headmaster and governors took the difficult decision to stop children from playing on the yard when the new term started in September. After a period of intense negotiations, the council eventually agreed to contribute £6,000 towards the cost of resurfacing the yard.

But the rest of the work, just over £14,500, will have to be paid out of school funds. It was a further blow when play equipment on the school field was inspected over the summer holidays and declared unsafe to use. That area on the field behind the school is now closed and out of bounds at playtime, too.

As well as bearing the cost of resurfacing the yard to make it safe to use, the school will need to pay to re-paint the lines and games, and replace the broken play equipment on the field.

Our Friends of Ysgol Pant y Rhedyn PTA will be hard at work fundraising - we have a school fair every Christmas and summer, school discos and a full calendar of fundraising events. The local community has really rallied behind the school over the past few months, and we’re so grateful for everyone’s support.

But we have a huge amount to raise and in this financial climate; every penny really does count. To be blunt; if we can’t raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of this work, we’re likely to lose staff.

This situation won’t only affect the 140 pupils who are at the school currently; over the next five years an estimated 300 children in total will be taught at Ysgol Pant y Rhedyn. The schoolyard is used by many more who attend the after-school club and other community activities, too.

We will not accept second best for our children. The school’s mission statement is ‘Through Effort, I Will Succeed’. We are determined to ensure that all pupils reach their potential and leave us with the skills and values they need to succeed in life. To achieve this we need to create the best possible opportunities for all children to embrace their right to play.

We really need your help to make the schoolyard safe and fun for pupils again, and replace the broken play equipment on the back field. The money will make a massive difference to our community. Please, vote for Ysgol Pant y Rhedyn and help make playtime great again!

Friends of Ysgol Pant y Rhedyn, Llanfairfechan

Moment of Pride

Ysgol Pant y Rhedyn has been at the very heart of our community since the school opened over 110 years ago. It’s a happy, safe and caring school – we're so proud of all the children and staff who make it such a special place.

Location: Llanfairfechan


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