Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000

Supported by: Cotters Insurance Services Ltd


There are not many places a struggling youngster in distress or experiencing crisis can go, where they can get free, confidential counselling and support. We deal with a broad range of issues including Abuse, Anger, Bereavement, Bullying, Depression, Family Problems, Homelessness, Sexual Health, Self Harm and Suicide.

In 2019 The Lowdown will be celebrating 30 years of supporting young people in Northamptonshire.

Our project is to improve The Lowdown premises to increase physical capacity and offer a more enabling environment for our Counselling, Sexual Health and LGBTQ services to young people in Northampton. We want to be able to support up to an extra 1750 children and young people (C&YP) per year by improving our building and giving them a better environment where young people are supported in their journey towards better emotional health and wellbeing.

The overall project is to develop and extend The Lowdown building and reconstruct the internal layout to gain;

• 3 new counselling rooms and increase the capacity to 7 rooms.
• Provide a dedicated nurse & sexual health room
• Have a dedicated team room away from the counselling rooms to improve our confidentiality and good practise.
• Renovate our toilets and upgrade to have 3 (we currently we have 2) toilet facilities including a disabled toilet that will meet regulations
• Improved front entrance for our service users which will have disabled access from the front of the building
• A modern and inviting reception area
• Added internal building security with a secure door into service rooms and staff offices improving data protection and safety for workers
• Dedicated seating area for service users and parents away from the reception to make it more confidential and welcoming for young people
• Self-contained training room/community room that will hold approx. 40 people with kitchen and toilet
• Improve sound proofing of 3 rooms to keep confidentiality and means we can use the room simultaneously
• Transforming the garden into a tranquil outside space for service users and volunteer team
• A better environment for young people.

With mental health issues on the rise we have an increased demand on our counselling services for young people in Northamptonshire. Last year we offered 2189 individual support sessions which was an increase by 24% on the previous year. The new building will be able to offer a bigger capacity to ensure that more C&YP can be seen by our counsellors.

Our current building capacity is offering up to 625 support sessions per month. This includes introduction, counselling support and counselling sessions to our service users. With increasing the number of counselling rooms by better space management, we will be able to offer 875 support sessions per month which means an extra 250 sessions available to help change and sometimes save lives. With average sessions lasting for 6 weeks, we will be able to see up to 1,750 extra young people per year.

The overall project will cost £100,000 for which we already have £50,000 in reserves towards the costs. The grant of £25,000 will make a huge impact and boost our fund raising goal and help to support hundreds more young people per year. With other fundraising and grant seeking we will be able to start the project in 2019.

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The Lowdown is the only organisation in Northamptonshire offering this critical free support to young people. By being a lifeline and providing on-going support for individuals The Lowdown impacts positively on families and the community as a whole.

Location: Northamptonshire, UK