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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The 3Gs Community Development Trust plans to develop the 1st floor of one of its owned properties as a Creative Community Centre to augment the range of local high quality venues and facilities the Trust makes available for use by local residents, community groups and partner organisations.

In doing so, the Trust, already nationally recognised as a successful training provider, will substantially increase its capacity to delivery Community Learning, Training and Development opportunities to local people in the area. The property is situated in a strategic central location close to the retail and commercial hub of the Gurnos Estate and is in an area that historically enjoys a high footfall. The Creative Community Centre Project will mark a new phase in the regeneration of the area and will enable the Trust to target and deliver learning, training and development opportunities to a wider audience.

The refurbishment to the ground floor is complete and is now open, and due to the enourmous success we are applying for funding to complete the 1st floor, which enable us to develop 4 training rooms which will be vital to the on-going sustainability of the project.

The ground floor is where the activity-based programmes will take place, i.e. Music, Dance, Community Radio, Photography, Recording Studio, etc. The 1st Floor is where the more technical training-based activities will take place, i.e. IT Skills, CV writing, Job Searches, Basic Skills, film making, video editing, Game Design, Graphic Design, etc.

When developing the ground floor space we had a great deal of support from local business that supplied us with free insulation, heating system, electrical, etc and they were kind enough to install a great deal of the infrastructure so when it came to developing the 1st floor the work would be minimal i.e. all the radiators have been donated and the plumbing company have run the pipes close to where the radiators would be installed. The funding will be used to develop this area, i.e. to install windows, studwork, plastering and plumbing.

The main function of the Creative Community Centre is to provide access to arts, culture and media facilities and services which promote and support personal and community learning and development. Services will include training programmes – informal, non-accredited and accredited and which are focused on enabling participants to gain the skills and qualifications necessary to be economically active. Facilities will also be available where appropriate, for hire.

The Trust’s service users and target beneficiaries are those who reside in the geographic areas outlined in the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation 2012, as being within the 10% most deprived in Wales. The Trust implements a Community Involvement Plan to attract engage and monitor the target service users / beneficiaries into the themed activity programmes / services / projects.

The Creative Community Centre is designed to support a range of individual and community outcomes and impacts. These are described as follows;

A. Individual
• Increase in the number of local residents engaged in creative industries activities.
• Increase in the number of local residents gaining qualifications, skills and personal attributes required to succeed in the creative industries
• Increase in the number of local residents progressing to volunteering and / or economic activity within the creative industries

B. Community
• Helping residents develop skills in arts/media and contribute to their communities through the medium of arts, i.e. making films / imagery on issues that affect their community
• Helping the community choose positive activities which discourage anti-social behaviour.
• Helping to create and improve co-ordination of services for local people.
• Helping to increase the confidence, self-esteem and physical and mental health of the people engaged with.
• Increase capacity of community facilities

The 3gs Development Trust

Moment of Pride

I am a local Councillor for the area and over the years this are has continually had a bad name, the people in the community are amazing and will do anything for anyone. When someone needs help and support they are there. This building will be a great resource for them and something to be proud of

Location: Gurnos Estate, Merthyr Tydfil, UK