Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000

Supported by: Howgate Insurance Brokers Ltd


Following improvement to the practice area and facilities at the ground assisted by the Aviva Community Fund in 2017 continued work with partners Linden Bridge School and others has led to a keen group of young people attending regular cricket coaching sessions during last summer.

The group now total 12 players who wish to develop their skills and participate in cricket as a team sport. All players involved are teenagers with disabilities.

We are keen to expand this group, offer them winter indoor coaching and arrange matches for them in 2019. This will support efforts in the local community to provide sport for all.

Several club coaches gave time for free last season to ensure this project got off the ground but we now need some funds to meet coaching costs, the hire of facilities and to provide modern safe protective equipment to play hard ball cricket.

Wandgas Cricket Club have started this worthy project from scratch using limited resources and now need some modest help to move the project forward.

Wandgas Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

Wandgas CC remain determined to be a club where participation in sport is paramount and there should be no barriers to those who wish to play sport. Players enthusiastically volunteered to help start this project which we will continue to develop with great pride.

Location: Worcester Park