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South Baddesley CE Primary School is a small primary school set on the edge of Lymington, a market town within the New Forest. We are a school community of 140 children - aged between 4 and 11 years old. Our forest culture is strong and we frequently celebrate our distinctive background.

Over the past few years we have focussed on improving the sporting opportunities we offer our children and were delighted to achieve GOLD in this year’s sports mark evaluation.

Our current climbing equipment has been well used and loved but is now over 12 years old. It does not provide adequate challenge to the children and in places is broken beyond repair, to the point that it is no longer safe to use.

The children are desperately missing the climbing equipment and we are looking to refurbish the adventure play area as quickly as possible.

The new climbing equipment will help our children to develop teamwork, balance and co-ordination, as well as strengthening their core muscles. Making the big movements - stretching and circling their arms and legs and standing on tiptoes to reach, jumping and landing - when enjoyed regularly, trigger muscle memory and teach children body control. These are the big steps that Early Years learners need to master smaller movements which require fine control too - fine motor skills required to fasten buttons on a shirt or to hold and manipulate a pencil. By mastering all the big arm movements, they are in a much better position to master the smaller and more intricate ones.

Climbing also teaches children independence and risk taking. By offering our children plentiful opportunities to climb in safe and supported environments, they learn how to assess and navigate risk and how to overcome it themselves.

The new climbing frames will present great mental challenges for our children as they need to plan logically how to get where they want to be, requiring them to think about how best to move their bodies within the framework and how to solve the puzzle of getting up or across to the destination point.

As a school we are constantly seeking ways to develop our provision of outdoor learning and updating the adventure play area is key to this.

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Moment of Pride

As a community we strive for the best for the children who attend the school. Our outdoor space is used well for both structured and unstructured learning. Pupils benefit from the space and facilities in our grounds and we are constantly seeking ways to develop our provision of outdoor learning.

Location: South Baddesley Primary School Church of England, Lymington, UK