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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a small village cricket club that is at the heart of our community and are home to several successful senior and junior cricket teams.
Unfortunately we are blessed with a weather system all of our own and that involves a lot of rain which leaves us with a flooded pitch.
Last year we were lucky enough to receive an Aviva Community fund grant to replace our all weather nets so that we can practice even when the field is at its worse. Its made a real difference and looks amazing.
We really want to protect our nets and so we are looking for funding to buy protective equipment for them. This will include Vermin Boards, Storm protection poles and tension cables.
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Edenfield Cricket club

Moment of Pride

Our club is such a big part of the village and its a real family club.
Despite our size we are providing brilliant training for out young players and all age groups are playing some excellent cricket. We also run some great community events.

Location: Edenfield