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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Safe space believe that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. The parent led group offers friendship, support and acceptance to children with additional needs, their parents/carers and siblings. For some of the children who are out of school or home educated this can be a lifeline for mixing with peers without the added anxiety of a conformist setting and the freedom to come and go if things get difficult. The skills learnt from these sessions can provide a lifelong benefit and give the children added confidence in social scenarios.

The group is reliant on donations to continue their support work and they are currently in need of new toys for play therapy. The children enjoy imaginative play and find activities such as den building, lego and gaming to establish bonds and improve communication with their peers advantageous. The opportunity to play ball games in the garden space is also a useful outlet for energy and the football goals and balls are in desperate need of replacement.

"When my family found Safe Space almost 3 years ago, life was tough. Our son had been referred for ASC assessment following a complete breakdown in his school placement. We didn't know anyone else in the same situation and felt like we were alone. My partner found Safe Space online and began speaking to one of the trustees, they invited us to one of their sessions. As soon as we arrived it felt like a weight had been lifted, we were talking to people who had been through similar experiences and our son was able to start building relationships with other children who had similar issues. Over time my son and his siblings have made some strong, lifelong bonds with the other children at Safe Space, learning from each other along the way."

Rich Kersey
Parent and volunteer

With the community fund donation we can help to recognise these children's strengths through the power of play and boost their development.

Safe Space Family

Moment of Pride

The group is run tirelessly by parents who have children with additional needs themselves. The group is run twice a week, food and drinks provided along with a craft session, tea or coffee and a chat! ☕

Location: Little Stoke