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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Finnbar’s Force was set up in 2017 by Tristan and Claire following the loss of their son Finnbar to an aggressive brain tumour in 2016, only five months after diagnosis. Finnbar was just 5 years old and he had many friends at school and in his local community.
Finnbar’s Force aims to support children (& their families) who receive the devastating news of a brain tumour. The charity provides useful information of where to access support and help, raises money to fund further research into childhood brain tumours & specialist equipment, but critically also gives families small grants (currently up to £300) in the early diagnosis period to help with cost associated with a stay in hospital including emergency accommodation, hospital car parking fees and food.
Locally you can often see Finnbars Force out and about, with all of Finnbars family and friends raising funds through sports events, quizzes, film & comic conventions. Everything a typical 5-year-old loves.
The money towards Finnbar’s Force Family Funding grants will be used to help multiple other families in similar situations. Giving families one less thing to worry about when visiting their child/sister/brother in hospital. Allowing families to focus on spending time together.

Finnbar's Force

Moment of Pride

They always make fund raising so inclusive and fun for everyone of all ages, you will often see babies through to grandparents attending events– showing the importance of families supporting other families.

Location: Norfolk, UK