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Cricket is a wholly inclusive sport, drawing together people from all cultures and backgrounds. It gives opportunities to boys and girls, as well as to those with special needs and is able to reach all ethnic communities in a way no other sport clearly can. Haslingden Cricket Club has very active and thriving senior and junior sections and with 3 senior teams and 7 junior teams the club hosts over 75 matches each summer as well as other events within the community. We encourage children from as young as 7 to proactively learn new skills in a safe, fun environment and we support the ECB All Stars initiative which provides a first experience in cricket for young children aged from 5 to 8 years. The ground and facilities are valued venues for school and representative matches and are easily accessed by the local community. The club aims to get more people, more active, more often and more people starting, staying and succeeding in sport.

Inclement weather is a huge risk to the running of a successful cricket club and in the Rossendale Valley we unfortunately have a very wet weather system all of our own. In seasons 2016 and 2017, we postponed or abandoned more cricket games than any other club in the league, due to the inability to clear the pitch of standing water after rainfall, causing disappointment to players, spectators and visitors.

We want to make sure we can offer our teams the chance to play as many games as possible. To make this happen, effective drainage of the square and outfield is essential, and in addition good quality covers to keep water off the wicket are vital. Prior to the start of the 2018 season, we installed a new drainage system in the worst areas of the ground where water was retained and, as a result of these works, the outfield now drains properly in those areas after rainfall which has allowed us to play more games than we otherwise would have done.

Our current ground/wicket covers are old, torn and in need of replacement. An award from the Aviva Community Fund will help us to purchase a functional, lightweight, waterproof, good quality wicket cover which will result in the wicket and playing surfaces being kept dry, significantly increasing the chances of more senior and junior matches being played or completed. The type of cover we want to purchase allows light and air to pass through, protecting the wicket from the rain but allowing vapour to escape to ensure that the grass continues to grow underneath.

This type of protection will help to improve the quality of the pitch which will be a real benefit to the development of up and coming junior players. With the growth of women's cricket in the UK, the club also wants to encourage girls and women's participation in the sport in Rossendale. We have some female players in the junior teams already and other ladies have expressed an interest in playing cricket. With more matches being able to be played on a quality surface, then it will allow the development of women’s cricket at the club and the opportunity to progress to participate in the Lancashire Women's Softball festivals.

Increasing the potential to play more matches and practice on grass on a regular basis will help ensure that we retain the enthusiasm and interest of our existing members both junior and senior and potentially attract new ones to the club.

Haslingden Cricket Club

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The Club has an active social/non-playing membership who volunteer to help run the club & its facilities, coach & manage the junior teams & prepare the ground. Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly raising funds to ensure that facilities can be provided for young & old to enjoy playing cricket.

Location: Haslingden