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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The project aims to stimulate regeneration within the communities of Caol and Corpach, neighbouring Fort William, and the wider Lochaber area, and generate significant economic and social benefits. The marina will be owned by the community through the Caol Regeneration Company. It will be run as a community enterprise, with other 3rd sector organisations operating the visitor facilities (café, shop, visitor centre) and providing some of the marina services.

The project will deliver the following facilities and infrastructure:
• 40 yacht berths
• comprehensive marina services and facilities such as fuel bunkering, waste disposal, laundry, toilets and showers
• a public slipway
• 40 car and trailer parking spaces
• a café/shop/visitor centre

The marina and slipway will provide local people and groups with access to the water to participate in a wide range of healthy outdoor watersports and activities, currently lacking in the area (nearest marina facilities are 25 miles away). It will allow local businesses to benefit from the significant sailing traffic using the Caledonian Canal, and will add a new dimension to the existing offering of “The Outdoor Capital of the UK”, a long-term initiative which aims to provide socio-economic benefits by increasing visitor numbers (and spending) in the local area.
In addition, the café/shop/visitor centre will offer opportunities for supported employment for disadvantaged young people, via our involvement with social enterprises. They will also provide a focal point for the local community, a destination for tourists and locals, increasing cycle and pedestrian traffic on nearby paths and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Key beneficiaries are the local people and visitors who will use the
• Local boat users seeking berths (40p.a.)
• Visiting boats (850p.a.)
• Small leisure boat users launching (1,080 sailing days p.a.)
• Organisations offering outdoor activities
• School pupils, local clubs, groups and youth organisations
• Walkers, runners, cyclist and fisherman
• Café users (14,000p.a.)

The intended outcomes of the project;

Access to quality public space and appropriate green space The community will have a positive appearance and will be a place where people want to live, work, and invest. The community will have a positive identity and future aspirations. The project will encourage people to participate in healthy outdoor pursuits; water-based activities, and
increasing walking and cycling traffic.

Delivery is focussed on the needs of people
There is an effective strategy to link economic opportunity and demand. Local people and groups need access to the water to participate in healthy outdoor pursuits and a focal point for the community; the growth of marine tourism and government policy provides a platform to develop facilities and create employment and training opportunities in a sustainable

A thriving private sector and social enterprise The project will encourage positive private sector investment and social enterprise creating opportunities for business and jobs. Supporting existing businesses, attracting new ones, and developing a new social enterprise.

A well-trained workforce whose skills meet economic needs People will have access to the learning and development opportunities that they need and the right support in place to help people to work. Practical
work experience for Marine Tourism and Outdoor Activities students at West Highland College coupled with supported training places for disadvantaged young people.

Strong local economies, providing access to jobs and support for business The project will create sustainable employment (14 FTEs) and reduce welfare dependency, in particular for the disadvantaged young people who
will be trained and mentored by the social enterprise helping to run the facilities.

Caol Regneration Company Ltd

Moment of Pride

Its main objectives are to promote urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic
deprivation (in particular in the Caol ward of Highland Council). This will be achieved through:
 the advancement of training and education among unemployed
 the maintenance or improvement

Location: Corpach