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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We need your help to extend the life of our swimming pool and changing rooms, and would be delighted if you would vote for our project.

At Westende Junior School and Wescott Infant School we are passionate that all children learn to swim. Swimming has many benefits including helping children to develop strong bones and muscles, promoting flexibility and co-ordination, building confidence, and according to recent research commissioned by Speedo, swimming can also help to reduce stress and relieve tension. These lessons are also vital to ensure our children are safer around water and of course learning to swim in an outdoor pool, when the weather is mild, always seems to be more exciting for the children.

We are fortunate enough to have an outdoor swimming pool at Westende Junior School which was opened in 1975. You may not know that schools are now measured by the government to ensure that all children are able to swim 25 meters by the time they leave primary school. Both Wescott Infant School and Westende Junior School use the pool during the summer months to teach all of the children to swim, with the aim of reaching that target and ensuring the children develop the necessary water safety skills to stay safe when in a body of water. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who operate the pool for our children and their families after school hours and during the school holidays. The team of volunteers offer an incredible service to the children by opening the pool most afternoons during the six week summer break. For those families who cannot afford to travel abroad and stay in hotels with outdoor swimming pools this is a great opportunity for those children to improve their swimming and generally have fun.

Whilst the pool and changing rooms have been maintained by the schools and the PTA using funds raised by parents over the years, the changing rooms are now in need of a more comprehensive refurbishment to ensure they are fit for purpose so the children can continue to benefit from the facilities. The windows and doors are the originals from 1975, and despite regular maintenance, the wooden frames are now starting to rot and we desperately need to replace them with longer lasting uPVC windows and doors. The images below show the current state of the changing rooms.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project. Any votes you can give would be hugely appreciated, will really make a difference to our project and enable our children to continue using this extremely valuable facility.

Wescott and Westende schools

Moment of Pride

Wescott Infant school and Westende junior school have a very strong community attached to them, and everyone helps out and supports the schools where they can. I am always very proud by how much time the parents are willing to dedicate to helping the schools.

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