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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Electric Candy Cheerleaders are based in East Kilbride, we were established in 1999, we are a competition cheerleading squad, and currently comprising of 90 member’s age ranges from 4 – 40 who train upwards of twice a week at various locations within East Kilbride to enable us to compete at Regional and National Competitions throughout the UK. We rely solely on fundraising and the payment of the children’s fees to ensure our entry at these competitions.

As the Head Coach of Electric Candy I pride myself on inclusion of all children regardless of their ability, my main aim is to enhance their childhood experiences, offering them differing life experiences and instilling good values such as sportsmanship, encouraging the kids to forge lifelong friendships, and pride themselves to be part of such a great team. Being part of our team for me is like a family, we laugh and cry together and celebrate the good time and support each other through more difficult times.

Being a cheerleader and part of a team for me leads to positive attitudes and help build leadership abilities, promotes healthy self-esteem, patience, team work and discipline. It also contributes towards a healthier lifestyle and good physical fitness.

Aiming towards competitions each year gives us the opportunity to strive to be the best we can be and to ensure we are stronger and more confident each time we compete together.

We recently moved into to our very own gym which provides a more stable coaching environment for our team to train in but we are looking to purchase a tumble track to provide a safe training environment for the children learn new skills and develop our tumbling in safe place.

At present, the club has 5 children on a scholarship, this is to enable all children, no matter of their financial background to be a part of a great team and give them opportunities the may not be afforded to them. I am fully aware that not all children are the same and have all types of background but I pride myself on trying my best to aid less fortune kids achieve their potential and with the aid of fundraising give them the same opportunities as other to be part of such a positive sport.

I feel that my club has been an asset to the East Kilbride community giving the children a safe and inclusive space to enjoy their childhoods, having our own premises would ensure this for generations to come. Being part of a team promotes good behaviours, discipline and team work and your funding would enable this to happen for years to come.

We would appreciate it if the Aviva Community Fund would consider making a donation to make their dreams come true.

Nicola Hamilton

Moment of Pride

The team performs my vision and they show the better side of life. They wear their team name and colours with pride. The gymnasts, coaches and parents are dedicated and have each other backs in good and bad times.

They have friends to catch them when they fall.

Location: East Kilbride