Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


27th Belfast Scouts has one aim: to encourage the physical, intellectual, character, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they may achieve their full potential and, as responsible citizens, to improve society.

We have three sections: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to accommodate children and young people, aged 6 – 18. We are based at the foot of Cavehill in Belfast, and are fully inclusive and open to everyone.

We challenge each of our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, to stretch themselves, to become a little more independent, to try new things, and to achieve – which in turn, develops their confidence, resilience, leadership, friendship and team-working skills.

We try to develop a love of nature and we would use this funding to allow each child to access outdoor activities which will challenge them and promote and embed life skills. We will make memories with activities such as hill-walking, water sports, ziplines, high-ropes, climbing and of course, camping!

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27th Belfast Scout Group

Moment of Pride

Since my son (aged 7) joined the Beaver section last year, he has learnt so much and done things I never thought him capable of - including camping overnight, packing his rucksack and even washing dishes!

Location: Belfast