Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our aim is to extend our clubhouse to allow us to house more children and adults in more comfort. This has come about by our success of attracting kids and adults of all ages shapes ability race and disability from the community to partake in Rugby football. Age range is from 2 to 16 then 16 to no age limit. The existing clubhouse is to small to house the amount of people now along with limited toilets and caltering facilities. The community can use the facilities basically 7 days a week as a hub and are encouraged to do so and participate in regular family and sporting events. We have recently opened a playground in remembrance of a little lad from the area that sadly died. Where we are based is in an area that is classed as a deprived areas.

Aretians RFC

Moment of Pride

Everyone involved are all volunteers with no payment or wage. Working tiresly to attract and give the community somewhere to go and participate in a sport. Fighting to bring crime figures down and give people a chance to be on the straight and narrow.

Location: Little Stoke