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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Wymondham Girls are a new set up resulting from 16 weeks of girls only training from April 2108. At the initial session where we had 7 girls turn up and play football for the first team, we ended with 27 attending the weekly sessions on a regular basis with 35 different girls attending at some time. The girls will be part of the wider Wymondham Town Utd Youth set up which now has over 22 teams across all age groups from U8 to U16.

The confidence and friendships the girls have managed to build in this time is inspiring and it is great to see them enjoy playing football exercising at the same time!

We were delighted that as a result of the taster sessions we have been able to start up two new teams at the U9 and U11 age group. The club have supported by providing the girls with a match day kit and the weekly subs covering various costs including insurance, training pitches and equipment such as balls and bibs etc.

If successful the Aviva Community fund would be used to purchase them appropriate clothing to keep warm during training and if a substitute on a match day. Ideally we would like to order the new training kit for the girls so that come the end of October all would have the following -

Training Top - Allow them to keep the match day kit in good condition (Cost £4 per player)

Track top- This will allow them to add and remove layers depending on the weather to stay warm including when subs on match day (Cost £22.99 per player)

Track bottoms - A good quality jacket will ensure that they don’t get wet and/or ill as a result (£18 per player)

The total cost would be £44.99 per player with 25 girls registered across the two teams a total amount of £1124.75 and therefore the £1000 covering the majority of that cost.

Please vote for our application which will help a brand new girls only football team get established and allow them to continue playing football, building new friendships, learning new skills and keeping fit at the same time. Many thanks for taking the time to read our request.

Wymondham Girls U9 and U11

Moment of Pride

Many of the girls who have joined the club had been looking for a local team to support their footballing ambitions and now it is great to see their excitement, passion, and team spirit grow with each week. Having the experience and support of a wider club community behind them is invaluable.

Location: Wymondham