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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Abel Camps is our annual camp for physically disabled children and young people, the money will help us fund the camp, pay for food, petrol, and help us organize trips out for disabled children from the Leicester and Leicester shire areas, every year the camp has a theme, from World Cup, Boot Camp, Space, Science Fiction, etc,

we provide a camp for disabled children to experience what it is like to feel to go camping, and spend a week in a tent, and how it feels to experience the out doors,, the activities we provide is trips out, picnics, trips to the fairground, trip to a slate mine,

Our camp is run by all volunteers, all are DBS Checked, each camper has a volunteer carer for the week, we also have a camp nurse on hand to assist with medical matters,
our camp not only gives the disabled camper a experience of a lifetime, but it gives the Parent/ Guardian a well earned rest from having to care for the child, and also they have the knowledge that the child will be looked after is a safe and comfortable area,

without the funding we wont be able to run our camp, we have to fund raise in other ways to fund our camp, as the cost outways the final amount, and every year it goes up,

Without the camp, the disabled children wont be able to experience what it is like to go camping, we desperately need peoples support and votes to continue this organization,

Abel Camps, Camps for Physically Disabled Children and Young People

Moment of Pride

I have been connected with Abel Camps for over 30 years, firstly as a camper and now as a volunteer, im proud to be part of it, the organization brings people together, and share our experiences and our friendships, at the beginning of each camp, we cant wait to get there and when its nearly over

Location: Leicester