Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Our community project is about promoting different aspects of Goan Culture and traditions including our language KONKANI, Music and Cuisine. The main aim of our project is to bring about and strengthen the `Feel Good`Factor in our community that will bring about a stronger and more vibrant social interaction. We intend to introduce the Goan music and dance in our project which will lead to an improvement of the physical health of the people. We also have plans to introduce a quiz about Goa, which is one of the top destinations that people of the United Kingdom visit and this will lead to more interaction between the Goan community in Southampton and the various diverse communities living in this beautiful city because our project will be open to all members of the general public irrespective of their background, faith, culture and language. We also intend to revive and strengthen our ties with the native language of the Goan Community - KONKANI - and this will lead to an emotional well-being among the older and younger generation of the Goan Community since our language is slowly fading away, especially among the younger generation. We also intend to highlight and showcase our great world-famous Goan Cuisine thereby bringing people together from all walks of life and we hope to achieve cultural diversity and also acquaint people with the beauty of our Goan food and its ability to bring people together, especially members of the older generation and in doing so, we hope to reduce loneliness. The money which we hope to get for this project will greatly enable us to bring about the cultural togetherness and social gathering of various communities in the city of Southampton. People should vote for our project because we have been running this voluntary organisation since 2010 and we have achieved considerable success in achieving our above-mentioned aims but sometimes due to lack of adequate funds, we are unable to achieve our full potential. This funding will definitely help us to achieve our goals in bringing about a stronger social interaction not just among the members of the Goan community in Southampton but also will bring together on one platform various diverse communities. The Goan Community has been active in Southampton since the last forty years and we are the only voluntary organisation in this remarkable city who have been working hard not just to promote Goan culture and traditions but also to bring together people from all walks of life.


Moment of Pride

Golden Goa Association, Southampton, is a voluntary group which brings people from diverse communities together since 2010. Our volunteers work hard to achieve our community goals. We feel proud as a voluntary group that works together to bring about a spirit of community and social interaction.

Location: 413 Shirley Road, Southampton, UK


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