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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Both Scalby Football and Cricket Club are in desperate need of an upgrade to their facilities. Proposed plans for a new-build pavilion have been in the pipeline for over 15 years now and as a result, the club's current facilities have become run-down and quite frankly not fit for purpose.

Things have changed in the last year and we have switched our focus to renovating and extending the current building we have after successfully appealing to a local benefactor for help towards funding for this.

The proposals will see us extend our current building to the side to house a new fit for purpose away changing room, changing facilities for umpires/referees/female players (the club currently have none), while knocking through the current away changing room to create a spacious, modern club room.

In addition to those huge benefits, the outdated toilets, kitchen and showering facilities will receive much-needed modernising and the roof, which is close to caving in, will be sorted.

The clubhouse will also receive new electrics throughout and also get freshened up at the front, improving the current eye-sore of a clubhouse which is a blight on an otherwise stunning ground.

The clubhouse will revolutionise the way we operate as clubs, with large windows and a lot more space for players/supporters/parents to enjoy their sport.

The club's current facilities are very, very poor. The entire clubhouse hasn't had any work done to it, either big or small, for around a decade now and as a result, is becoming inadequate. The roof and ceilings will fall in if it isn't renovated this year, the kitchen is rotting and the club room and changing rooms are dark, dingy, cold and damp.

Both clubs have somehow managed to buck the worrying dip in participation numbers in our area, maintaining two senior football teams and five senior cricket teams, as well as a number of junior sides.

However, we are starting to see a dip in the numbers of juniors, and therefore future seniors, playing both football and cricket for our clubs.

This worrying trend has already started to be noticed by a lack of junior players moving through to the senior sides. Although we work very hard as clubs to promote ourselves and bring in as many junior and senior players as possible, we had to give junior players free subscriptions last year in order to keep our numbers up.

We can't do that forever, we need to bring in subs to operate financially as a club, but in order to do that, I feel we have to be able to offer these youngsters fit for purpose, adequate, modern facilities in order to thrive and enjoy their sport.

With over 100 years of history at both clubs, this project couldn't be more important. I see teams/clubs come and go in our area in both the football and cricket leagues. Established, well-run clubs like ours have been a fixture in their respective leagues and deserve modern, fit-for-purpose facilities to enjoy their sport and more importantly, a bright future of both clubs.

While I don't fear for the future of both clubs, I certainly fear we would lose more junior sides and potentially some of our senior sides if this project can't come to fruition.

We would continue to go into the local schools via the All Stars Cricket scheme, and would be open to allowing the schools to hold fixtures at our facility, should we be able to achieve it.


Moment of Pride

Scalby Cricket Club was formed at the very latest in 1865, and the Football Club in 1912, so our clubs are two of the oldest in our area. We have an outstanding group of committed volunteers and players who deserve much better facilities to enjoy and we plan to put that right in 2019.

Location: Scalby