Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Yourcafe is part of The Real Junk Food Project and is a not-for-profit community cafe.

Our mission: Tackling food waste; promoting community spirit.

Based in York at Tang Hall Community Centre, Yourcafe offers the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a communal feast or bite to eat. Our passionate volunteers collect would-be-waste food from top retailers, transform it into delicious meals and serve it in a friendly, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. All in exchange for time, money or skills.

Yourcafe was launched in April 2015 as a response to concerns about food waste when food poverty is an issue locally. To date we have collected 25 tons of would-be-waste food and provided over 6000 meals. Any food leftover from the Wednesday pop-up is given to Tang Hall Primary School for their playground stall.

The projected cost of running Yourcafe over 2019 is c. £4000. Each event costs around £130. Currently Yourcafe is entirely volunteer-led and donations are taken on a pay-as-you-feel basis, averaging around £70 per week, meaning a £60 average shortfall for each event. Help from the Aviva Community Fund would allow the day to day activities of Yourcafe to run for the year without reliance on donations and addressing the weekly shortfall. This would also free up any donated funds for other uses such as volunteer training.

Yourcafe has the following aims each week:
- Collect 250kg of would-be-waste food from local businesses
- Provide a community meal
- Redistribute any surplus food back into the local community
- Provide a regular meeting place where all are valued
- Encourage new friendships
- Reduce social isolation and create community spirit

Specific aims over 2019 are to:
- Reduce food waste in the City of York
- Work in collaboration with the University of York alongside our student-led group FeedBelliesNotBins to educate students and reduce university food waste
- Recruit 10 new volunteers
- Provide at least 25 Yourcafe events at Tang Hall Community Centre


Moment of Pride

We do more than recycle food waste. We have a thriving weekly event for all ages and backgrounds. We have committed volunteers including special needs adults some of whom have used the experience to get back into work. And the attitude we promote is spreading - including into local schools.

Location: Fifth Avenue, York YO31 0UG, UK