Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Our playground equipment is really reaching its end of life - it is often out of use due to it being broken and the children are starting to get splinters as the wood deteriorates! It has been very well used and has served us well but sadly the time has come to look at a replacement. The children love being outside, being able to 'let off steam' at break times and lunch is vital to them - allowing then to concentrate their remaining energy on their time in the classroom.

The playground equipment will be replaced with similar equipment, allowing the children to test their balance skills, climbing, core skills and overall physical development. Ensuring the children lead a healthy and active time at school will transfer to family time, persuading the family to get out and about and improve overall health. The equipment will make healthier more active children and will improve the skills and confidence of many, allowing them to join outside clubs in the community such as football, cricket, dancing, rugby or karate.

The money we have requested will make a huge difference to our children's lives - making playtime fun and allowing them to expend all the additional energy they all have!! Without having play equipment the children would be bored, and their energy would be used on each other - increasing tensions and fights between the children, as they only way to release the energy would be running around which in itself would cause more problems - falls, grazes, bumped heads to name but a few!! ! The equipment will also be used during PE times - so will be used at every opportunity.

We have a few ideas of the types of equipment we would like to incorporate but will also be looking at ideas from the children. One of our biggest aims will be to replace the flooring around our equipment which we struggle with during wet weather.

Please, please vote for us to get the money to replace our playground equipment!! The PTFA will be working tirelessly to raise as much money to put even more money against this project - we want to give the children the best playtime experience we can - it is just as important they have fun through playing as they do through learning!!

Hall Orchard Primary School PTFA

Moment of Pride

We worked tirelessly to provide a new kitchen to teach our children to cook and improve their knowledge of food and ingredients. We now want to improve their physical well being through the provision of new play equipment - the PTFA are an awesome team please get behind us and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

Location: Barrow upon Soar